Beijing Guoan counterattacked Henan team: ball control and passing became a killer.

  Beijing Guoan team's recent eye-catching performance has made many fans crazy. In this match with Henan team, they once again showed great strength and determination. However, the competition process is full of twists and turns and suspense.

  In the previous confrontation, the Beijing Guoan team has defeated the Henan team, which makes the fans full of confidence in their performance. However, Henan team is also a powerful team, and they have excellent counterattack ability and overall performance, which makes the game extremely fierce.

  After the game started, Beijing Guoan team showed excellent ball control ability, constantly launched attacks on the court, and seized the opportunity of Henan team to counterattack. Goals from Bertau and Covic won the victory for Guoan. However, the defense of Henan team is also very tenacious, constantly blocking the attack of Guoan team at critical moments.

  In the second half, Guoan team showed more powerful strength, constantly created threats through accurate passing and ball control, and finally reversed the score and won the game. This game not only showed the strength of Guoan team, but also proved their ranking advantage in the Super League.

  For Beijing Guoan team, they need to continue to maintain excellent performance, strive for more victories and further improve their ranking. They need to continue to strengthen their midfield control and accurate passing ability, and also need to pay attention to the threat of opponents' counterattack. Only through continuous efforts and hard work can we achieve better results in the Super League.

  In short, the game was full of suspense and twists and turns, and the Guoan team finally won. I believe that in the next game, they will continue to perform well and make the fans proud. Let's cheer for Guoan team together!

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