Juventus Italian legend gianluigi buffon, after 28 years in his career,

  The global media "ESPN" said on the 2nd (Korea time) that "Juventus and Italian giant Buffon announced their retirement at the age of 45. He has a successful career of 28 years, playing for the parent team Parma (the second place in Italian Serie B). It's been two seasons. He added: "Buffon has terminated his contract with Parma, which was scheduled to expire in June 2024 and retire. Buffon is regarded as one of the best goalkeepers of all time, having played for Juventus and Italy for 20 years. He will join the Italian national team and enter the national team after retiring. " According to media reports, Buffon posted a video of his retirement feelings on social media and said, "Thank you! I gave you everything, and you gave it to me. We are together. " All Buffon's colleagues came to congratulate him on ending his 28-year career. Buffon made his debut in Palma in 1995 at the age of 17. With the potential of being selected for the Italian national team since he was a child, he continued his saving performance in the Italian first division. Buffon attracted people's attention when he joined Juventus with a transfer fee of 52 million euros (about 74.1 billion won) in 2001. At that time, his transfer fee record was the highest in the goalkeeper's history. This gamble, which Juventus did not choose, was a success. Buffon immediately became the number one player in the world and became a world-class player. Buffon played 685 games for Juventus and kept 322 clean sheets, accounting for almost half of them.Juventus won 10 Serie A titles with Buffon and enjoyed a golden age that could not be repeated in history. Buffon, who briefly played for Paris Saint-Germain, returned to Juventus to spend his old age. Buffon, who became a free agent (FA) last summer, unexpectedly returned to his home team Parma. I also had the opportunity to join the world-famous Barcelona, but I politely declined. "Parma is the ideal choice for my final challenge," Buffon said of his return to China. Buffon kept scoring goals for Parma in 2021-22 and 2022-23, and retired at the age of 45. The superstar who played for Juventus and Italy has finished his career.