After the successful completion of the competition, 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals were won, and Shandong table tennis players made outstanding achievements in the Universiade.

  On August 4th, Wang Xiaotong, a young table tennis player, won the silver medal in the women's doubles of table tennis in the 31st Summer Universiade. Today, Shandong athletes successfully completed all the schedules of table tennis in Chengdu Universiade.

  In this Universiade, Shandong athletes won four medals in table tennis, with 2 gold medals and 2 silver medals. Wang Xiaotong won the gold medal in the women's team and the silver medal in women's doubles and mixed doubles. Liu Dingshuo won the gold medal in mixed doubles.

  Congratulations to Wang Xiaotong and Liu Dingshuo.

  Looking back on the whole race, there are many wonderful moments. Wang Xiaotong took the third place in the women's team final on August 1st, winning the Japanese team's chopper with a swift and fierce attack. In the mixed doubles on August 3rd, Liu Dingshuo and Qian Tianyi showed the tacit cooperation of their old partners and won the gold medal together. In the singles match on August 4, the two men fought for the last goal, and everyone could feel their desire for victory.

  The gold medal of Chengdu Universiade is a breakthrough for Wang Xiaotong. "There is less experience in the competition, and the team competition has to play against the Japanese chopper. She is under great pressure." Zeng Chengcheng, coach of Shandong table tennis women's team, told reporters that she called herself before the game, fearing that she would lose, and it would be difficult for her teammates to play below.

  Zeng Chengcheng said that she has been training with this careless little girl for almost ten years, and it is rare for her to do this. "It is a taboo for athletes to make a fuss in their hearts before the game." When I saw her playing, I quickly entered the state and beat my opponent in my own shouting. Zeng Chengcheng was very pleased. She said: "Xiaotong has been a hard-working girl since she was a child. She also worked hard in training and playing, but she lacked a strong energy."

  After Wang Xiaotong won the gold medal, he called Zeng Chengcheng and said excitedly, "Coach, I played it."

  "This kind of' embarrassment' can be said to be a kind of self-confidence, and it can also be said to be an imposing manner." Zeng Chengcheng said that it may be difficult to explain, but in that game, she saw in Wang Xiaotong the ferocity she had always lacked.

  This is Wang Xiaotong's first world championship, and Zeng Chengcheng has great confidence in her. "This will enhance her confidence, and she will definitely make breakthroughs in the future."

  The gold medal of Chengdu Universiade is a breakthrough of Liu Dingshuo. After winning the men's singles in the 19th Asian Youth Championship, he finally stood on the highest podium of world-class events again.

  Liu Wei, head coach of Shandong table tennis men's team, said that Liu Dingshuo had been injured before he went to Chengdu Universiade, but he decided to fight hard.

  Liu Wei, who paid attention to the game all the time, was most impressed by his mixed doubles final with Qian Tianyi. "Although he is still young, he is really a veteran." Liu Wei said that this game has brought out Liu Dingshuo's rich experience in international competitions and the tacit understanding with his old partner.

  Although the results are outstanding, the two champions also have their own regrets.

  Wang Xiaotong felt that she was playing too hard in the women's singles match. Zeng Chengcheng said that against the strongest Japanese player, Wang Xiaotong wanted to win too much and thought too much before the game. "There is still too little experience in the competition and needs to be experienced again."

  Liu Dingshuo felt that although he won the gold medal, he didn't play well behind him, and his eyes were red as he spoke. Liu Wei understands Liu Dingshuo's feelings very well. He said: "Liu Dingshuo is still at the age when he needs to make achievements. In recent years, he has always wanted to win more games, but he must adjust his mentality."

  Table tennis teenagers have finished their journey, and this Universiade is drawing to a close. Shandong athletes created China's history in the Summer Universiade in compound bow and competitive Taekwondo, and set a new coordinate for Shandong's college sports.

  We look forward to the next competition, and Shandong athletes will bring more surprises.

  (Report by Zhang Nan, special correspondent of Volkswagen Daily)