6-1! Mount Tai beat Meizhou Hakka crazily, and the new aid made great contributions by flashing and shooting, and moises scored twice.

  The 20th round of the Chinese Super League entered the 2nd match day, and the strong teams such as Taishan, Sanzhen and Guoan all played. Haigang beat Jinmen Tiger 2-1 in the first game, leading by 14 points in the first game, which put a lot of pressure on those teams who have ideas about the championship behind them. Taishan team is playing Meizhou Hakka at home this round, and the latter is still fighting for relegation. In this game, Taishan team will be fiercely resisted, and this game must win Taishan team to keep the hope of winning the championship.

  First of all, let's look at the starting situation of the two sides. On Taishan team, three foreign AIDS, Fellaini, moises and Jia Desong, started to play, Creissent continued to take a truce due to injury, new aid matthaeus stood by on the bench, Liu Binbin, Chen Pu, Liao Lisheng, Ethan and other domestic players started, and Cui Kangxi's main lineup gradually stabilized. In Meizhou Hakka, Conrad, Rodrigo, Kosovic and Du galich all started, and there is a new aid Kotnik on the bench. The Slovenian midfielder is expected to make his debut.

  At the beginning of the game, the two sides played relatively closely, and both sides had good opportunities. In the 16th minute of the game, the situation on the court changed. Meizhou Hakka's hesitation to clear in their own restricted area was cut off. After moises's shot was blocked, he headed the ball to Fellaini in front of the door, who easily lifted his foot and ejected the door. Because Meizhou players had just returned from the court, Fellaini's position was not offside. Fellaini scored effectively, and Taishan team led Meizhou Hakka 1-0.

  In the 22nd minute, the attack of Meizhou Hakka corner kick was fruitless, and the Taishan team turned back and made a quick counterattack. After moises dodged the grab, he adjusted his step to take a long shot directly, and a world wave hit the goal near the corner. Taishan team scored two goals in a short time, leading Meizhou Hakka 2-0. In the 41st minute, Fellaini headed the ball back to the middle in the restricted area, and Chen Pu passed it to Liao Lisheng, who seemed to have no threat to cut into the corner of the goal with his foot sticking to his back. Taishan team led 3-0 at half-time.

  In the 49th minute of the second half, Liu Binbin received a foul ball and went directly into the penalty area. Facing Kosovic's challenge, Liu Binbin buckled the opponent's challenge and made a slight adjustment to volley the goal. Taishan team led Meizhou Hakka 4-0. In the 52nd minute, Kosovic went straight through the Taishan team's defense line, Conrad led the ball and pushed the goal against many people's defense, and Meizhou Hakka recovered a goal 1-4. In the 82nd minute, Meizhou Hakka made a mistake in passing the ball in the backcourt, and Taishan team fought back. matthaeus missed the goal single-handedly, which wasted an excellent chance to score. A few seconds later, Fernando also had a close-range shot in the restricted area, and Taishan team took too many chances after scoring four goals.

  Fernando was put down in the 85th minute, and was awarded a penalty after VAR verification. matthaeus scored a penalty kick, which was his first goal after joining the team. In the 91st minute, Taishan team cooperated in the restricted area of Meizhou. matthaeus was not greedy and passed it to moises, who smashed the ball and pushed it easily. In the end, Taishan team defeated Meizhou Hakka 6-1.