Up to 4 years and 75 million dollars! Should the Lakers renew Vanderbilt's contract in advance?

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  Author: Jacob Rude

  Original title: Should the Lakes Extend Jarred Vanderbilt?

  Last season, the Lakers got Vanderbilt before the trade deadline. At that time, his annual salary was only $4.32 million. There is no doubt that he is a cost-effective player because his output is obviously greater than his contract. From September 7 this year to June next year, Vanderbilt, who entered the contract year, is eligible to renew his contract with the Lakers in advance. The Lakers can give him a contract of about $75 million for up to four years. The question is, should the Lakers give him such a contract?

  After four years of 75 million dollars, the average annual salary is 18.75 million, but this season, Vanderbilt's annual salary is only 4.6 million. After all, there is still a clear gap between the two.

  The Lakers' reasons and concerns for renewing his contract

  The Lakers have many reasons to renew Vanderbilt's contract. He is the driving force for the Lakers to enter the playoffs, especially in the absence of James. He is willing to do dirty work, which fills the gap of the Lakers for many years.

  At the same time, however, Vanderbilt's defects were exposed with the playoff of last season. His lack of reliable attack seriously limited his play, and eventually led to his lack of playing time in the final stage of the Western Conference. The question now is, considering the Lakers' goal and demand for the championship, is Vanderbilt's defect serious enough to affect him to become part of the championship rotation?

  It is worth noting that Vanderbilt is only 24 years old. He is younger than Reeves and Ba Cun Bases, and only one year older than this year's two-way player castleton. This means that the Lakers still have plenty of time to develop his potential, and he is far from a complete finished product.

  The Lakers are in no hurry to renew his contract.

  What Vanderbilt brings to the Lakers and where he needs to improve also need to attract the attention of Lakers executives. Another big environment is that the Lakers have offered long-term contracts to some role players. They signed $53.8 million for four years with Reeves, 25, $51 million for three years with Ba Cunlei, 25, and $33 million for three years with Vincent, 27. Their contracts will last at least until the 2025-26 season, which may also make it easier for the Lakers to reach a long-term contract extension with Vanderbilt.

  However, the Lakers are not in a hurry to renew his contract. Unless Vanderbilt is willing to accept a contract that is friendly to the team, it is relatively wise for the Lakers to wait and see how Vanderbilt has progressed this season before making a long-term commitment.

  After all, the Lakers have about nine months to sign Vanderbilt, and both sides may take risks. This will be Vanderbilt's first signing after his rookie contract. Even if he doesn't get a big contract right away, I believe he will get his due reward in the near future.

  The Influence of Bacunlei on Vanderbilt

  However, the disadvantage of the new season for Vanderbilt is that the rotation position of Bacunba may be fixed in front of him. The Lakers and team reporter Buha revealed that with Vanderbilt's playoff playing time gradually decreasing last season and the Lakers paying more attention to Hacun Basement, Hacun Basement is likely to replace Vanderbilt's regular starting play in the new season and get more playing time than the latter.

  Last season, Vanderbilt played 78 regular-season games, including 65 starts. In his 65 starts, he averaged 8.1 points, 7.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists and shot 54.9%. Eight village bases played 63 regular-season games, including nine starts. In his first nine games, he averaged 11.2 points, 5.9 rebounds and 0.4 assists and shot 46.9%.

  Eight village bases are not as good as Vanderbilt's defense, but his offense and defense are more balanced, especially with baskets on the outside. Last season's playoff, Bacun Baseball shot 48.7% (19 out of 39), while Vanderbilt shot only 24.1% (7 out of 29).

  What kind of contract do you think the Lakers should give Vanderbilt?