Can Huntaiying v. Henan University win? Netizens think that, like the 28 cases, if you want to win, you have to get journey to the south.

  The case of Huntaiying suing Henan University for publishing the audit report of Prince Yong's departure has entered a substantive stage. He initiated a vote on his personal account, hoping that netizens would make a basic judgment on the trend of the case.

  Netizens certainly hope that Huntaiying can successfully win the lawsuit, but things may not be as simple as imagined, and it is likely to come to an impasse like the 28 cases. If Huntaiying wants to make a breakthrough, he must be as journey to the south as the Xu family, and actively use the power of the ceiling or the inspection team.

  According to the current laws and regulations, the outgoing audit is not compulsory publicity, but if people report it, the relevant parties should not protect it. If there are problems, they should be strictly investigated and dealt with. If there are no problems, the parties can be cleared through publicity.

  At the end of the period when Prince Yong took charge of the pharmacy, it happened to be in the stage of the occurrence and development of 28 cases. Netizens believed that the alterations in the medical records of Lao Du and Xu Min were instigated by Prince Yong, while Huntaiying thought that the huge sum of 1.32 million yuan that the pharmacy paid Lao Du was the black-box operation of Prince Yong.

  Whether the decision-making process of this money conforms to the three major regulations and whether its source is reasonable, Huntaiying is very concerned about these two issues. He thinks that the answer can be found in the audit report of Prince Yong's departure, so he puts forward his personal demands by reporting letters and visits and other ways.

  Henan University finally rejected Huntaiying's application for publicity in accordance with the law. After consulting a lawyer, Huntaiying invited a lawyer at his own expense to file an administrative lawsuit against Henan University.

  As we all know, the law is a relatively low standard. As a unit and individual, the behavior mode should be as high as possible above the bottom line of the law and be bound by morality. As for the departure of Prince Yong, he is a cadre trained by the Party. He has been engaged in management work in large pharmacies for many years, and his work experience should stand the test of the people.

  Facts have proved that Heda recognized Prince Yong's work very much. The 28 cases aroused strong public anger and the reputation of the big pharmacy was affected. Heda did not criticize Prince Yong, but transferred him from the big pharmacy to arrange more important work.

  There is another consideration for Hun Taiying's request for public resignation, that is, why there is a serious deviation between Heda's evaluation of Prince Yong and the common people. According to the information learned by netizens, during his tenure, Prince Yong once stopped the service of copying medical records and interfered with the Xu family's activities of finding bracelets. This was a serious hype for the 28 cases, and the big pharmacy became a national online celebrity hospital overnight because it did not take the initiative to identify medical records.

  Huntaiying is a classmate of Yong Taizi. His initial intention is to help his classmates correct their shortcomings and be positive. He Da's non-public departure review is likely to make Yong Taizi go further and further on the wrong road.

  However, the kindness of the mixed Taiying may not be understood. Netizens think that the public resignation trial will not have an ideal result, because if Prince Yong is found to have problems in economy and work style, there will be some clues in the resignation trial, and the reputation of Heda University will be affected. In that case, the alumni of Heda University on all fronts will not agree.

  Therefore, if Huntaiying wants to do a good job thoroughly, she has to stick to it like the Hsu family. If she wants to win, she has to journey to the south and actively seek the help of her big mother. If she really does, she needs the active cooperation of the staff inside the big pharmacy. Do you think someone inside the big pharmacy will come forward?

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