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  In order to better listen to the voices of young people and understand their needs, the Rights and Interests Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League will come to Taiyuan to carry out the research activity of "Take me to meet your friends". If you "have something to say" in family education, campus study, dating, employment and entrepreneurship, social security, etc., welcome to chat with us face to face.

  Activity time: August 10th, 2023 Activity place: Taiyuan, Shanxi Activity object: As long as you are a young man aged 14 to 35 and currently live in Taiyuan, you can sign up to participate, whether you are a student at school or have entered the workplace, as long as you have needs and want to be listened to. Registration method Scan the QR code below to register now.

  If you are selected, a staff member will contact you. Come and sign up. See you in Taiyuan.

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