The main leaders of Central Plains investigated and supervised the prevention and response of Typhoon Du Surui in Central Plains.

  In order to effectively cope with Typhoon Du Surui, on the morning of July 29th, Li Xiaolei, secretary of the district party committee, Deng Ying, deputy secretary of the district party committee and district head, respectively led a team to investigate and supervise the flood control work in Zhongyuan District, accompanied by district leaders Yan Kai, Liu Bin, Wang Dongfu and Li Jianfang, the district emergency bureau, the district urban construction bureau, the district urban management bureau, the district agricultural committee, the district housing management bureau, the district civil air defense office and the main responsible comrades of relevant streets.

  Li Xiaolei and his party came to the dangerous old house on the 4th floor west of No.15 Courtyard of Planned Road, the civil air defense project in the early 65th, the renovation project of rainwater and sewage pipe network in the front street of No.6 Factory, the foundation pit of the South Courtyard of Dazhuang Jiayuan, the flood control material warehouse of Lianhu Sub-district Office, the reinforcement and upgrading project of Changzhuang Reservoir, etc., listened carefully to the reports of the field personnel, and inspected the project progress, various flood control material reserves, the implementation of flood control responsibility system, and the operation and use of drainage equipment and facilities on the spot. Li Xiaolei demanded: First, raise awareness, take flood control as the current key work, always be vigilant after flood season, especially during the critical period of flood control, receive and disseminate early warning information in time, and implement various preventive measures in time. The second is to respond in a timely manner. It is necessary to reserve materials in advance and preset rescue forces to effectively protect the lives and property of the people in the jurisdiction. The third is to strengthen the duty, and those responsible for flood control at all levels should be on duty, always ready, and keep the safety bottom line of the jurisdiction.

  Deng Yingying and his party visited the underground space of Poly Xinyu Phase I Property Community, the risk point of Huaihe Road and Bridge in the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project, and the foundation pit of resettlement house in Yandong Village, and asked in detail about the material reserve, the investigation and remediation of hidden danger points, and the drainage of accumulated water in the foundation pit of the construction site. Deng English emphasized: First, consolidate the responsibility of flood control, firmly establish the bottom line thinking and extreme thinking, and all relevant inspectors should quickly take up their posts and perform their duties. The second is to strengthen early warning and forecasting, and receive and forward early warning and forecasting information in time. Third, the implementation of defensive measures, materials must be sufficient reserves, personnel must be preset in place, while paying attention to key parts of flood control. Fourth, strengthen the duty on duty, strictly lead the shift and 24-hour duty system, strengthen inspections, make preparations for emergency rescue, and make every effort to prevent and respond to Typhoon Du Surui.

  (Source: Zhongyuan District People's Government website)