The 2023 sensor industry conference was held in Laishan, and the way to upgrade the sensor industry was conspired.

  This is a grand event with sensors as the invitation, and it is also a grand event to seize the opportunity of industrial development and take the pulse of industrial development. On the morning of August 3rd, the "2023 Sensor Industry Conference" hosted by the lai shan Municipal People's Government and the Sensitive Components and Sensors Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association was held in Crowne Plaza Nanshan Hotel. More than 220 industry experts, scholars and representatives of well-known enterprises from home and abroad gathered at the scene to discuss, exchange and cooperate ... and seek ways to upgrade the sensor industry and develop it in a large-scale, characteristic and high-end way.

  Academicians and experts put the pulse industry in the future.

  This sensor industry conference opens a new era of smart life with "the world of things"; With the theme of "sensing first, helping the digital economy to flourish", Wang Juncheng, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, and more than 220 representatives from well-known domestic companies of sensors and Internet of Things, and upstream and downstream enterprises gathered together to show the technological innovation products and achievements of sensors and Internet of Things applications, and to make suggestions and exchange ideas on promoting industrial development.

  Wang Juncheng, an academician of China Academy of Engineering, gave a report on "Towards Deep Blue —— Present Situation and Trend of Technology Development in the Field of Marine Ecological Environment Monitoring Sensors". From the perspective of macro-science to micro-science, he expounded the development status, development direction, the gap between the required sensors and the foreign level and the technological development vein of China's marine monitoring instruments and equipment, which pointed out the direction for the development of the marine sensor industry and opened up a professional vision for the participants.

  During the conference, many industry leaders, authoritative experts and scholars gave keynote speeches on the new development trends of MEMS advanced technology and packaging technology. First-class enterprises at home and abroad and well-known entrepreneurs of listed companies were invited to give keynote speeches on the application and development of sensors in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, 5G communication, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and "the belt and road initiative" initiative. Participating experts and enterprises conduct exchanges and docking negotiations on projects, technologies and industrialization. Lai shan made investment promotion, and the participants visited and inspected key enterprises such as Jerry Group, Jinzheng Environmental Protection and Dong Run Instrument.

  Enterprises exert their efforts to break international monopoly

  As the sensing component of various machines, sensors are equivalent to human senses, which make the original rigid objects more intelligent. They are not only used in the fields of automobiles, mobile phones, monitoring and the Internet, but also extended to the field of national defense, and their importance is comparable to that of chips.

  However, such important parts are mainly imported at present. Guo Meng, Secretary General of Sensitive Components and Sensors Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association, said that there are more than 3,000 domestic sensor manufacturers and research institutions, but 80% to 90% of high-end sensor chips still rely on imports. Happily, in recent years, the industry has paid more and more attention to sensors, and the industry has developed very fast. The growth rate of domestic sensor industry has reached 20% to 30%, and low-end sensors can be developed and produced.

  The development of any industry is inseparable from the unremitting struggle of every enterprise. Shandong Dong Run Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise mainly engaged in the research, development, production and sales of water environment monitoring and analysis instruments and material (liquid) level instruments in lai shan, and sensors are one of its main businesses. "The positioning of our company is to be an expert in water testing. Whether the water quality can meet the needs of life, industry and national defense must be tested accurately, which requires very advanced sensors. " Ma Zheng, chairman of Dong Run Instrument, said in an interview that in the process of research and development, it was indeed faced with the problem of "sticking the neck" of key components of imported sensors, but Dong Run did not give up. In order to break the monopoly of imported products on the China market, Dong Run independently developed a variety of water quality sensors, the quality of which was not inferior to that of foreign products.

  The convening of the 2023 sensor industry conference provides opportunities for Dong Run Instrument and many industry enterprises to exchange ideas and learn from each other's strengths. "By attending this conference, we learned about each other's pain points and difficulties, grasped the direction of industry development, and laid a solid foundation for our domestic enterprises to break through the technical bottleneck and catch up with the world's advanced level. We are very confident about the future of our domestic sensor industry. " Ma Zheng said.

  Have a solid foundation and win the development opportunities.

  As a grand meeting of domestic sensor industry, "Sensor Industry Conference" was held in lai shan for the first time this year. "Choosing to hold this conference in lai shan, what we are interested in is lai shan's strong industrial base and its emphasis on the sensor industry." Guo Meng said.

  In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence, the importance of sensors as sensing front-end devices has become increasingly prominent, and the application market has shown explosive growth, and the sensor industry is welcoming a rare historical development opportunity. Lai shan focuses on the fields of electronic information and artificial intelligence. Enterprises such as Orange Cloud, Jierui Digital, Oriental Weston, and Lasting Watch are focusing on the digital economy and the industrial Internet, and are accelerating the construction of high-end, knowledge and radiation industrial gathering places. Electronic information and artificial intelligence are not only the leading industries in lai shan, but also the key attraction and development direction. In recent years, by increasing attraction, it has further promoted the development of industrial agglomeration and continuously promoted the industrial chain group to become bigger and stronger.

  Guo Meng said that in developing the sensor industry, lai shan has Dong Run Instruments, Jinzheng Environmental Protection and other enterprises, and the government has created an excellent business environment and attached great importance to the development of the industry. Taking this conference as an opportunity, I believe that the sensor industry in lai shan will develop better and better in the future, attracting upstream and downstream enterprises of sensors at home and abroad to settle down, and the prospect is promising.

  Lai shan has both policy, market, environment and platform, and the development prospect of sensor industry is very broad. At the meeting, the relevant person in charge of the People's Government of lai shan sent an invitation to the enterprises and institutions in the sensor industry at home and abroad, welcoming them to visit and exchange in lai shan, and jointly writing the "Laishan Story" of openness, cooperation, innovation and win-win.

  YMG All Media Reporter Xu Rui Correspondent Lv Shaoning Kang Shengyang Cai Chuanjian