The first Guizhou Science and Technology Festival takes you to experience the charm of science and technology.

  On August 5th, the first Guizhou Science and Technology Festival was held in Guiyang with the theme of "Innovation in Science and Technology". The exhibition activities of this year's Science and Technology Festival include 25 sections in 8 exhibition areas and more than 200 exhibitors. The major carriers, major achievements and outstanding representatives in the field of scientific and technological innovation in Guizhou will be exhibited by VR, AR, MR, holographic projection and naked-eye 3D. At the same time, the Science and Technology Festival will simultaneously carry out a series of colorful popular science activities to promote the scientific spirit and popularize scientific knowledge to the masses.

  Breeding of improved varieties to guard the food safety on the tip of the tongue; Wan Qiao Fei Jia, let the overpass become smooth; The research and development of new materials has enabled clean energy such as solar energy to enter thousands of households. In the future, more scientific research achievements will emerge continuously, pushing the boundaries of scientific research farther away, sharing scientific and technological innovation achievements and creating a better future.

  What are the "black technology" and scientific research innovations in the first Guizhou Science and Technology Festival? Please follow our lens to visit the museum.

  Reporter: Liu Qinbing, Zhou Xuanni

  Produced by Audio and Video Department of Xinhua News Agency