Wonderful! HarmonyOS 4 was released in shock, and a new experience set sail!

  In the current field of science and technology, the upsurge of artificial intelligence (AI) has swept the world and become an important trend leading the development of science and technology. It has been widely used in various fields, such as autonomous driving, intelligent robots, medical diagnosis, financial risk control, natural language processing and so on.

  In the field of mobile phone voice assistants, users are also looking forward to the addition of AI functions. It is hoped that through technologies such as speech recognition, natural language understanding and machine learning, voice assistants can understand our instructions, understand our intentions and provide corresponding services as required.

  On August 4, 2023, HarmonyOS 4 was officially released. Judging from the released functions, it has become an operating system with access to AI big model capabilities, which has brought many amazing AI functions and made digital life more intelligent and personalized.

  Thanks to the big model technology, Xiaoyi, a smart assistant, has ushered in a series of amazing experience upgrades, and her natural language understanding ability has been greatly improved, realizing the real "understanding at once". Users no longer need to accurately remember functional descriptions, but can intuitively express requirements. No matter young people or old people, as long as they say their intentions easily, Xiaoyi can accurately understand and execute orders.

  The large-scale model technology also strengthens Xiaoyi's intelligent visual ability and enables Xiaoyi to "see the world" better. Through the application of multi-modal technology, Xiaoyi's intelligent map search experience has been further improved. Through dialogue, users can let Xiaoyi accurately identify the image content and obtain further services.

  Xiaoyi's broadcasting ability has also been optimized. Through the large-scale model technology, Xiaoyi can bring users broadcasting experiences in different scenes, including news broadcasting timbre, custom voice and super-anthropomorphic timbre.

  HarmonyOS 4 not only brings a brand-new upgraded smart assistant, Xiaoyi, but also introduces a series of personalized functions, including personalized theme, panoramic weather wallpaper and brand-new expression family.

  Automatic identification of the main content of the picture With the addition of intelligent composition and AI matting technology, ordinary photos can be transformed into exquisite wallpapers, and at the same time, the system will intelligently match AOD, wallpaper and lock screen, and you can enjoy diversified dresses once set. Panoramic weather wallpaper brings more realistic weather scenes to users, and realizes multi-angle switching through gravity sensing to enhance user experience.

  HarmonyOS 4 also upgraded the Emoji system in an all-round way, chose a playful and three-dimensional expression style, and added local element adaptation, so that users can make exclusive mood wallpapers with rich expressions. More interestingly, the mood wallpaper also adds a soft pressure-sensitive interaction, which produces interesting changes with the user's touch interaction.

  HarmonyOS 4 also brings efficient gameplay, and smart search allows users to search for photo semantics and super files through natural language; The visual optimization and live window function of the notification center make important information clear at a glance, reshaping the efficiency of the notification bar; The newly upgraded super transfer station and intelligent screen recognition make content sharing easier, and users can drag and drop content to the transfer station at any interface, breaking the barriers of applications and equipment and realizing temporary storage and batch sharing of multi-content combinations; The speech annotation function makes the meeting more efficient. Users can annotate the document with a stylus and share it with other participants in real time.

  In addition, HarmonyOS 4 has added six Ark engines, including graphics, memory, scheduling, storage, multimedia and low-power engines, to bring users a smooth and smooth experience; HarmonyOS 4' s upgrade to privacy security can also be described as subversive. The system has done more optimization and strengthening in protecting users' private data to ensure that our personal information is protected to the greatest extent.


  The release of HarmonyOS 4 marks another important progress in the smart phone industry, and it is also the first to introduce AI big model technology in the industry. In addition, we can also see that HarmonyOS 4 has brought more and more personalized functions to users, allowing users to experience the surprises of extreme purity, AI blessing and personalized interaction.

  Today, 34 models including P60 series, Mate50 series and Mate X3 started beta testing, and 35 models including Mate 30 series started beta testing. For the old users in HarmonyOS, upgrading HarmonyOS 4 is definitely a great event that can't be missed. Everyone must upgrade at the first time and start a new journey of wisdom; New users who want to buy Huawei products don't have to hesitate. HarmonyOS 4 is the best reason!