Why does room temperature superconducting technology make the whole network hot? Understand the social reality behind this scientific miracle

  Recently, the news that the South Korean team found room temperature superconducting materials caused a hot discussion on the whole network. Now, although things are not completely qualitative, they have basically achieved results. It's just that the reaction of netizens caught my attention more than the room temperature superconductivity itself.

  In fact, there is a very interesting thing about this incident, that is, people in related majors maintain a relatively rigorous attitude, and feel that although it is a bit outrageous, they still have to wait for the results to come out before making a conclusion. On the contrary, many people who eat melons online are very active. Many people say that although it is outrageous, I sincerely hope it is true. Some people have even begun to imagine what benefits room temperature superconducting materials can bring to society, and when everyone can lie flat without going to work.

  Not to mention whether this material is real or not, how to apply it specifically, even if this room temperature superconducting material is really discovered and perfectly meets all the needs of everyone, will this thing really benefit the public immediately? Or realistically, will the discovery of this technology really benefit the world?

  Moreover, these people who have good expectations for room temperature superconducting technology are all kind in nature and hope that the world will be better, so no one is wrong in this world, or it is actually this world that is wrong. It is the current environment that makes young people so desperate that they can only hope that this unreliable technological breakthrough will change society and bring opportunities.

  In fact, epoch-making technologies have been happening in recent years, such as the recent breakthrough in artificial intelligence, which can definitely be said to be a technological revolution that has become a reality. However, it is clearly the beginning of mankind entering a new era, but it has caused more people to worry, because everyone can vaguely feel that the era of artificial intelligence is the era of a few elites, so this has caused many people to have deep fears.

  This room temperature superconducting technology can cause such a big discussion. In fact, it is not only how big a breakthrough this technology can bring in industry, but also conveys some different values to the public from public opinion. First of all, the team that released this room temperature superconducting technology is not so famous, and even some members have never heard of it. Secondly, the production cost and difficulty of this room temperature superconducting technology are very low, which is actually in line with an expectation of contemporary young people, that is, fair opportunities.

  Let's compare it with artificial intelligence. The training cost of Everbright model is in billions, not to mention how many top technical talents are needed. Even if you just play AI painting, a high-end graphics card keeps many people out. Therefore, artificial intelligence technology is destined to be a game for a few people from the beginning. But if room temperature superconductivity is true, it not only proves a breakthrough in key technology, but also proves that even simple technical conditions can create results that change the world.

  In fact, it's a bit like the realm that the rich second generation can barely break through by throwing money crazily in Xiuxian novels, and it is easily broken by the protagonist. It's just that even novels are the results that can only be obtained by mechanical deification. In reality, they are actually true, and there is even hope that they will become a new research direction of the Academy of Sciences in the world. This is really exciting for a society that has been very solidified. After all, even a real genius in this world today needs a lot of external help to succeed. Therefore, for many people who don't get opportunities, the current environment is really a desperate world where talents are buried.

  Secondly, room temperature superconductivity, as a relatively basic achievement, has a great impact on industry and existing life. The breakthrough of this new technology will bring new economic development, and let us get rid of the current crisis of overcapacity. For young people, it is natural that everyone hopes to bring new reshuffle and promotion. Compared with artificial intelligence, many human technologies will be eliminated every upgrade iteration. Although room temperature superconductivity technology is more illusory, its message is more exciting and exciting.

  Unfortunately, as far as the current results are concerned, it is not optimistic. I feel more like I have found an interesting new direction, but it may be a little far from realizing your ideals, but things are still inconclusive. You can wait patiently.

  To tell the truth, the present society is really depressed. Two years ago, I thought that I could rectify the workplace after 00. As a result, I didn't even have a chance to be rectified by the workplace after 00. The decline in demand can only accelerate the involution, and there is no hope. This kind of life really makes people feel desperate.

  However, the crisis of overcapacity is not the first time, nor is it the most serious this time. The economic crisis in history has always occurred periodically, but it generally did not last long. Even many people have experienced many economic crises, large and small, in their lives. At least now the country is stable and everyone has no worries about food and clothing. You don't have to be bullied like a dog as you did 100 years ago.

  Only under the influence of objective factors, the current environmental depression and helplessness are indeed inevitable. However, I think it may be a good choice to try to use this time to improve myself, refuse meaningless internal friction, learn some new knowledge, improve my physical condition and let a better self meet the next opportunity.