How to quickly acquire the "super power" of 360 security cloud in preparation for offensive and defensive drills?

  At present, the annual offensive and defensive exams have begun. Although many key infrastructure units have "experienced many battles", they still have lingering fears in the face of high-intensity and high-level actual combat attack and defense drills. After all, the "four major ills" are the pain that they can't avoid over the years.

  Time-consuming and labor-consuming, but it's a secret!

  The safety management departments of government and enterprise units carried out preparatory work such as safety risk self-inspection and safety reinforcement several months before the drill.

  "Raise soldiers for a thousand days, and use them for a while". However, the preparation for a long time has made the units and departments invest great energy. Often, in the real actual combat process, the defensive side is tired and ready to fight, and the attacker can always take advantage of the lax flaw of the defensive side, so as to wait for the opportunity and capture the target in one fell swoop.

  Cost superposition is stretched!

  Full-time security personnel in government and enterprise units are in short supply and limited in ability, so it is difficult to "see" iterative attacks and analyze responses in real time.

  At the same time, the budget of government and enterprise units is limited, so it is difficult to set up a full-time safety operation and maintenance team. Even if safety equipment is purchased, it can't really play a role. Capital cost, time cost and management cost all make it difficult to bear.

  Coordination is difficult and disposal is slow!

  In order to build a defense-in-depth system, enterprises buy multi-brand and multi-model security products, covering different levels such as network, host, application and data, but these stacked products have not played a real role.

  Once an attack happens, the security products are fighting for each other, and the government and enterprises can't quickly locate the ownership of the attack assets. To analyze an attack event, it may be necessary to log in to IPS, WAF, EDR, NDR and other devices, and ultimately it is impossible to quickly and comprehensively block the IP that is carrying out the attack, resulting in a situation of being at a loss.

  The safety effect is difficult to evaluate!

  Security is ultimately measured by the effectiveness of defense and confrontation. Government and enterprise units have invested a lot of resources to accept the test of actual attack and defense, but there are still many security incidents in the attack and defense drills.

  In the face of questions such as "how much the safety effect has been improved in safety operation" and "what are the benefits of daily safety operation", it is difficult for the operation department to explain clearly and the operation performance is difficult to measure.

  Customs clearance cheats

  360 digital security hosting operation service!

  In order to help the government and enterprises to successfully pass the "big test" of attack and defense, 360 presented the "customs clearance cheats" of the "big test" of attack and defense with more than ten years of actual combat experience as the core-360 digital security hosting operation service.

  Based on the unique advantages of 360 security cloud in data, probes, experts and platforms, 360 digital security hosting operation service aims at actual combat, platformization and standardization, helping customers to build a security operation service system integrating industry hedging, real-time early warning, anomaly monitoring and response evaluation with high efficiency and low cost, and solving the "four major problems" in attack and defense drills.

  Since the launch of 360 digital security hosting operation service, government and enterprise units can have the "super power" of 360 security cloud with one click:


  Before the attack and defense drill

  Customers can easily configure and deploy local lightweight probes, and directly connect to the infrastructure on the 360 security cloud to realize comprehensive management of assets, vulnerabilities, risks and attack surfaces, and comprehensively sort out the status of assets, vulnerabilities and risks. In addition, a defense-in-depth security system integrating layered management and control, defense verification, attack trapping, defense in depth, and cloud-ground coordination is built to realize actual defense.


  In the attack and defense drill

  Help customers quickly build a powerful digital security operation platform, build the ability of threat monitoring and intelligent analysis and disposal coordination and response command, and realize "early warning and prevention-threat perception-abnormal discovery-analysis and judgment-emergency disposal" through automatic arrangement, disposal coordination and command scheduling, and unified operation cooperation. At the same time, thousands of 360 combat experts provide customers with flexible 7×24-hour secure hosting operation services in the cloud.


  After the offensive and defensive drills

  Help customers to form risk analysis report, hacker portrait report, threat incident report, behavior analysis report and actual combat experience, cooperate with comprehensive review summary, and further assist them to optimize their daily security defense system in combination with attack and defense practice.

  Enterprise offensive and defensive drills can be "managed"!


  Tube score

  Looking for "undercover"? Do the math and you'll know

  Offensive and defensive drills put forward stricter requirements for the scoring rules of defenders, not only submitting conclusive evidence such as a complete attack chain, but also advocating counter-measures such as controlling the host computer against the attackers.

  At the night of the attack and defense drill, a large financial customer in a country discovered a security attack. The expert team of 360 digital security hosting operation service cooperated with the emergency treatment overnight, located the infected assets, used the combination of service and +xdr probe to locate the server that was initially compromised, analyzed APT logs to determine that the attacker was invaded by a subordinate unit VPN explosion, and finally carried out virus removal and security reinforcement, successfully completing the emergency response on site. Finally, the attack path was restored by means of xdr probe attack chain backtracking, attack packet interception analysis and manual judgment, which helped the defender score.



  You can see all the clues!

  During the offensive and defensive drills, the 360 digital security hosting operation service monitored and protected the client's website as a whole, managed and operated the scattered alarm and log information of all kinds of security equipment in a centralized way, and built the enterprise security knowledge base. At the same time, the person in charge of the security management department learned the security deployment, attack source monitoring, threat monitoring, target asset monitoring and other information during the drills through the unified operation platform, surveyed the whole "battlefield" and made command decisions.

  According to statistics, during the whole drill, the customer achieved 0 capture record, 0 use risk, 0 downtime, intercepted over 400W attacks, and banned 20W+IP for a single machine.


  Manage actual combat

  Don't spoil the scene, I'll be right there!

  360 digital security hosting operation service can always protect customers from the "bullets" of 0Day, fishing, poisoning and various attacks with the fastest speed.

  On a certain day, after the group's office network found a security threat, the cloud security operation platform automatically generated a work order and notified it to the first-line expert team in real time. The first-line expert team confirmed the incident and gave the work order to the second-line expert team according to the standardized process. The second-line expert team carries out the judgment and response of security incidents. As the back-end resource of the second-line team, the third-line expert team provides strong technical support for the second-line expert team, ensuring that every type of security incident is solved by security experts with professional knowledge.

  In the past, it took 20 minutes from response to disposal of general risks. The 360 digital security hosting operation service shortened the disposal time to 8-10 minutes, and improved the efficiency of event handling by 50%-60%.

  During the actual attack and defense drill in 2023, 360 opened a fast access channel for digital security hosting operation services, scanned the code to apply for free trial, gained the super power of 360 security cloud with high efficiency and low cost during the whole drill cycle, enjoyed worry-free and efficient expert operation services, and fully prepared for the attack and defense drill!

  Free trial of scanning code

  360 digital security hosting operation service


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