The rise of domestic CPU: winning a quarter of the domestic server market

  According to Counterpoint's data, in the global server chip market in 2022, X86 architecture chips accounted for 91%, while ARM architecture chips only accounted for 6%. In addition, other types of chips account for about 3% of the total. However, in the China market, the situation is quite different. According to the report of foreign media techpowerup, ARM architecture chips and other domestic CPUs are more and more popular in China market, and the market share of ARM in China has reached 40%.

  At the same time, Bernstein said that at present, in the China market, ARM architecture chips account for about 15% of the server market share, while other domestic CPU companies such as Godson Haiguang Zhaoxin Shenwei also account for about 10% of the server market share. This means that domestic CPU has occupied about 25% of the server market in China.

  Why is ARM server chip so popular in China, and it has reached 15% market share? This is mainly due to the efforts of Huawei, Feiteng and Ali.

  Huawei's Kunpeng 920 is a well-known ARM server chip, which was mainly used in Taishan server in the early days. Subsequently, Huawei no longer launched Taishan server alone, but instead provided Kunpeng chips to its partners, which were widely used in telecommunications and other fields.

  Feiteng is also a company that produces ARM servers. With its KPS ecosystem, its chips are widely used in many industries, such as government, finance, telecommunications and education. Coupled with well-known reasons, the replacement of domestic chips has become unstoppable.

  Ali has its own ARM chip, which is used in its cloud computing business, and has launched the CPU chip Eternal 710, which is widely used in various fields.

  The remaining 10% share is occupied by other domestic CPUs, besides Feiteng and Kunpeng of Huawei, there are four major manufacturers such as Godson Haiguang Zhaoxin Shenwei. Haiguang Megacore adopts X86 architecture, which is also widely used in the server field. LoongArch architecture is independently developed by Godson, and SW64 architecture is independently developed by Shenwei. Although these CPUs are rarely seen in the personal consumption market because of the ecosystem, they still have a large usage in the server market.

  Especially in recent years, many sensitive areas require the use of domestic CPU, which has brought a wave of peak development for domestic CPU. Looking back, the share of domestic CPU is basically zero in both the personal consumption market and the server market. But after these years of development, the share of domestic CPU has reached 25%. Although there is still a gap compared with X86, it is not impossible to surpass X86 as long as we keep working hard and moving forward.