The quick way to start a store in Tik Tok takes only five steps, and the new store must understand the gameplay.

  Hello, everyone, I am an e-commerce stupid bear.

  If you want to understand how to play in a small shop, you must first let the shop start selling and run the whole process, so that you can have a general understanding.

  Next, this article will talk to you about how to start the store quickly and run through the small shop process.

  The main process consists of five steps: positioning, selecting products, optimizing, selling and sourcing.

  The first step, positioning

  Early positioning is a very important thing, but many novices will ignore this step;

  When the positioning of the store is more accurate, the platform will push us more accurate user groups, which will greatly improve the commodity conversion rate.

  So how to do a good job of positioning?

  First of all, the first step is to determine the type of goods, choose the categories of goods, and a shop only does 1-2 categories, and operate them finely.

  Secondly, do a good job of crowd positioning, such as whether the group you want to make is female or male, the age group is 18-25, etc. The more accurate the crowd, the higher the traffic conversion rate will be.

  Step 2, select products.

  At the most confused stage of novices, it is obvious that there are a lot of products on the shelves, but there is no sales. In fact, the products are still not good;

  If you don't have the idea of selecting products in the early stage, you can follow them.

  Look for hot products in the live broadcast room and peer shops, and search for pictures to find products similar to these hot products. Such products can be put on our stores as follow-up products, and they can also get traffic.

  The third step, commodity optimization.

  Don't sell the goods directly when they are put on the shelves in our store, but also optimize the goods.

  Mainly optimize the main picture, title, detail page, SKU, etc.

  This step is very important, which directly determines whether the goods can enter the flow of Tik Tok Mall and the click-through rate;

  First of all, the main picture can be properly disordered or slightly changed, with the emphasis on highlighting the advantages of goods;

  The title is added to the hot search words in the search box of Shadian Mall to increase the search traffic.

  Avoid forbidden words on the details page, and pay attention to the end of the article if you don't know what the forbidden words are.

  The fourth step is to find someone to bring the goods.

  The best way for a new store to get out of the store quickly is to find someone to bring the goods, which is safe, stable and can develop for a long time;

  We just need to set a suitable commission and put the goods on the platform's selected alliance.

  Go to the live broadcast and Daren Square more, find some high-quality Daren to talk about cooperation, and let them help us bring the goods.

  In the process of finding talents, the most important thing is the problem of speech skills. Let talents feel that the added value brought by cooperation with us can be great and more worthwhile, so that talents are naturally willing to cooperate with us.

  This is also a key step for our store to start. As long as we find high-quality talents to cooperate, we don't have to worry about the sales volume of the store at all.

  Step five, find the source of goods.

  You may be curious, do you want to find the supply without the supply mode?

  Yes, we should also look for it. A reliable source of goods can further guarantee the quality of goods, delivery speed and after-sales, which are the key factors to maintain our store score.

  When a store has a bad review, it will quickly lower the score, and the decline in the score will lead to a decrease in the weight of the store and a decrease in traffic.

  In addition, a reliable and long-term cooperative supplier is enough for us to get the lowest cost price of the whole network and have greater advantages to intercept or earn more profits.

  After all the above processes have been completed, you will have finished all the processes of making a shop, and basically you will understand the basic gameplay of shaking the shop. Follow the process step by step, and you will almost make some achievements at this time.

  Ok, that's all for today's sharing. More shake shop content moves.

  I am an e-commerce stupid bear, a 90-year-old who focuses on shaking stores without supply.