Biden is completely insomnia! China washes away 24 years of "shame", foreign media: this has just begun.

  It is a truth that our country has gained through bitter experience that we will be beaten if we lag behind. Over the years, China has been facing various challenges and pressures, but now China has shed its "backward" label and stood at the forefront of the world.

  No matter in the fields of science and technology, military affairs or finance, China is making outstanding achievements. The hardships behind this are also indescribable. From zero to breakthrough, from groping to catching up and then surpassing, it is inseparable from the efforts of countless scientific research teams.

  In May this year, the domestic C919 large passenger plane completed its first commercial flight, which is of great significance to China. First of all, it marks a historic breakthrough in China's aviation industry.

  In addition, it is of great significance to the overall economy of China. For a long time, China has been relying on imported aircraft, such as Boeing in the United States and Airbus in France. Now there is a large aircraft which belongs to independent research and development, which can not only drive the upstream and downstream industries in the supply chain, but also reduce the import cost.

  The success of China C919 is also a part of realizing the dream of becoming a powerful country. Why do you say that? Recalling the past, the United States bombed China's embassy in Yugoslavia with a B-2 bomber made by Boeing for no reason, and innocent China journalists died in this incident. What makes us even more ashamed is that the bodies of these three journalists have to be transported back to China by Boeing. Therefore, China's C919 aircraft let us live up to expectations, showing the strength of China.

  The commercial flight of China C919 is not easy. Although China began to enter the field of large aircraft in the late 1960s, it is very difficult to independently develop aircraft due to the lack of scientific research strength, equipment and technology. Coupled with the interference and inducement from the United States, China suffered a period of delay in this field.

  It was not until 2007 that China initiated a major scientific and technological project for large aircraft. After 16 years' efforts, the domestic large aircraft was finally realized. China not only got rid of the monopoly in this field, but also reduced its dependence on foreign companies, which not only reflected China's scientific and technological strength, but also greatly improved flight safety.

  At the same time, China will also reduce its dependence on imported aircraft, which is of great significance to China's economy. This rapid development also made Biden lose sleep. They may not have anticipated the rapid development of China in the aviation field. China has finally washed away the "shame" of 24 years.

  However, in the aviation field, China still needs to continue to make efforts, because the United States has always reminded us that China's C919 aircraft still needs to achieve full autonomy. This year, China reached a cooperation with French Airbus, and directly ordered 160 aircraft. This action once again demonstrated China's determination and strength.

  To sum up, the successful commercial flight of China C919 is an arduous task. China has experienced many twists and turns in this field, but it has finally succeeded. It not only represents a historic breakthrough in China's aviation industry, but also marks that China has reached a new height in scientific and technological innovation and economic development.

  China's breakthrough in aviation has fully proved the importance of the truth that backwardness will be beaten. China has demonstrated its strength to the world, and we should keep working hard to achieve the goal of complete autonomy. China's aviation dream has just begun, and its future development will surely attract more attention and attention.